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Power up problems

Matt Cole
Occasional Contributor

Power up problems

Hi, I recently aquired an old Proliant 3000(dual 300mhz + 512mb in 2 sticks RAM + redundant psu)
On pressing the power button it doesn't appear to do anything, both PSU's have a yellow led with an ! mark next to it, these are both flashing. The fans don't make any noise. Also it has a screen on the front which displays what firmware is in use by the screen, If this is lit up surely the PSU's can't be dead? I have another Proliant 3000 and this one's PSU's LED seems to flash for about 10 seconds and then it lights up green and it starts to boot.
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Re: Power up problems

A few questions for you;

Do you use 110V or 220V?

You could try to power up with just one PS in bay "A" (bottom) or try to swap PS's A-B or B-A. You could also try a PS from the working system to verify, but be cautious. You don't wan't to blow up your good system.

Here are the LED meanings


Amber - Fault detected in this power supply
Amber flashing - Failed self-test
Green/Amber alternating - Power supply failed to restart after a prolonged fault
Green flashing - Power supply will restart within 20 seconds
Green - No fault detected in this power supply
OFF - DC power not switched on or interlock open

AC Power

Green - AC power is connected to this power supply
OFF - No AC power connected to this supply

Hope this helps