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PowerShell HP BIOS Cmdlets failed to Connect-HPBIOS

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Re: PowerShell HP BIOS Cmdlets failed to Connect-HPBIOS

Just to add to this conversation:

Connecting to the OS works for Gen8 but not for Gen9.  When I try the Gen9, it tells me I have to use the iLO to connect.

When connecting to the Gen9 iLO, I did not have to use the WinPE boot image, but it only worked for me if I used the "-DisableCertificateAuthentication" parameter in the Connect-HPBIOS cmdlet.  This could be because the server I was testing with did not have trusted certificate on it in the iLO.

Also, a reboot was required to make the change take affect.  In my test, we wanted to see if we could limit the cores per processor for SQL licensing purposes.  After rebooting, the server dropped from 6 cores to 4.


Matt Sebel

Re: PowerShell HP BIOS Cmdlets failed to Connect-HPBIOS

Do I have any option for making this work on a BL465c G8 running VMware ESXi 6.x? I'd really like to be able to incorproate these powershell commands into existing maintenance scripts. So far I've run into nothing but issues and functionality annomolies between generations of hardware.


Re: PowerShell HP BIOS Cmdlets failed to Connect-HPBIOS

Hello Matt

To execute BIOSCmdlets on Gen8 Servers there are following ways to do connection (Once connection is established then use this connection object to execute HPBIOSCmdlets) 

1) Executing BIOSCmdlets on Server runing Windows operating system (Remotely)

2) Executing BIOSCmdlets on localhost having windows opeartiong system 

3) Runing cmdlets on bare metal servers.

for condition 1 and 2  use server IP , Windows Administrator username and password to connect  to the server.

for condition 3 :- Boot the server in WinPE mode and use ILO IP and Credential to connect to the server.


Please specify in which way you are trying to  exeute BIOSCmdlets.

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Re: PowerShell HP BIOS Cmdlets failed to Connect-HPBIOS

I had a similar issue trying to get New-HPEBIOSCustomWinPEImage to play nice. It failed for me (a million times) before I started to dig through files. I came across this file, New-HPEBIOSCustomWinPEImage.bat. At the very bottom of the file is the makewinpeimage.bat command and in it delcared UFD instead of ISO. I changed that and now it makes ISOs instead of loading a usb drive up