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Powershell - Subnet Mask

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Powershell - Subnet Mask


I've run the following commands to only change the iLO subnet mask; however, while I can see the settings changed when I log into the iLO, they appear to only be pending settings (requires iLO reset to take effect).

$connection = Connect-HPEiLO x.x.x.x -Username user -Password password -DisableCertificateAuthentication
set-hpeiloipv4networksetting -connection $connection -ipv4address x.x.x.x -ipv4subnetmask x.x..x.x -ipv4gateway x.x.x.x -InterfaceType Dedicated -DHCPEnabled No -DNSName name
$connection | Disconnect-HPEiLO

Any idea what I need to do different or additionally to commit the changes?