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Powershell script to pull bios settings

Occasional Contributor

Powershell script to pull bios settings


       I am inerested in being able to pull the bios menu settings via powershell. What steps should I take?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Powershell script to pull bios settings

Please don't start multiple threads for the same question. hopefully another Powershell / WMI user will pipe up as I don't use either so I can't offer an answer.




a quick google did turn up this statement:


Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/hp/instrumentedBIOS -Class hp_biosEnumeration |Format-Table Name,Value -AutoSize


This shows -Class to be hp_biosEnumeration your other message shows it to be hp_biosSetting could Enumeration be the porper value?

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Re: Powershell script to pull bios settings

Enumeration yes would be the proper class to pull all bios settings, however that utility providing that namespace is not compatible with enterprise servers. Only desktops/workstations/notebooks. Thats what my searches have informed me.