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Predicted HDD Fails, are they actually a hardware failure

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Predicted HDD Fails, are they actually a hardware failure

Hi All,

New so please excuse any dumb questions...


I am trying to understand the cause and status of predicted HDD fails, as I understand this is a notification that the HDD may fail, is there any guidance on how long the HDD may work OK for, also what other options other than hardware replacement are there, i.e. can the drive be rebuilt to remove the error.


How does IM know the HDD is failing, and I guess does HP support predicted HDD errors as a manufactures failure and cover under a std warranty, and replaced part as clearly it has not yet failed?


Thanks Corey 


Re: Predicted HDD Fails, are they actually a hardware failure

Hi Corey,


welcome to the community.


Your question is quite genuine.


Please provide more informatiion like server model, storage controller model, hard drive type etc..


As per as predictive failure warrning is concerned, it is pre-failure notice sent by S.M.A.R.T technology we have in hard drive and smart array controllers. so as a precautionary step please ensure you have valid  back up. Verify the hard drive predictive failure status from Array Diagnostic utility if hard drive is connected to smart array controllers. you may also check System Management home page or HDD LEDs for more details.


Predictive failure is very much covered under standard warranty/contract. you would get the replacement drive based on your warranty/contract obligation with hp.


Share the Array Diagnostic Report with HP Support for further assistance and drive replacement.


For more details on Hard drive please refer to HP Guided Troubleshooting;

Search your product >> select the product >> launch HP Guided troubleshooting >> go to diagnosis / troubleshooting >> select Hard Drive.


Hope this helps,


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