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Predictive Drive Failure with Hot Spare current process

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Predictive Drive Failure with Hot Spare current process

It's been a long while since I have run into a predictive drive failure, and want to make sure the procedure is still the same as a full failure.  I currently have a P420i array with one drive in a predicted failure state.  The array has a hot spare, that is still running as a spare - inactive at the moment as the other drive is predicted to fail, and has not failed.  Can I still hot swap the failing drive in this condition.  I read that if I pull the drive, I need to let the rebuild start and finish on the spare before plugging in the new replacement (sounds odd) or I should shut the server down and swap it cold, which also sounds odd.  In the past, it was just hot swap the drive and the array took care of things, no "special" procedure.  Let me know what current drive replacement procedure is for a predictive failure drive, that has not fully failed as of this time.



Re: Predictive Drive Failure with Hot Spare current process

Hello gellenb,

Please refer the HPE public document (link below) for the predictive drive replacemnet procedure, also make sure the drive is a HOT SWAP Drive, then the procedure doesnt require for the drive replacement to be offline. If the Drive is non HOT SAWP then offline procedure needs to be followed:

As per the document- 

NOTE: A hot swap HDD can be replaced when the server is running as it is not going to affect the customer production. And there is no chance of losing the data if the logical drive is fine.




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