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Predictive failure drives

Joshua Goodin
Occasional Visitor

Predictive failure drives

What is the best practice for replacing drives that show up in the ACU with a predictive failure? Should we wait until they fail, or replace them before they completely fail?
Mike Bollman_1
Respected Contributor

Re: Predictive failure drives

Replace it.

Predictive failure is just is giving you warning that the drive will fail. Best practice is to get a full backup of the system and replace the drive during a low activity period.
Sung Oh
Respected Contributor

Re: Predictive failure drives

Hi Joshua,

check below link with your predictive failure. Also, what kind of system is it?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Predictive failure drives

Hi, Joshua.

Run Array Diagnostics U. before removing the failing drive. Always save these reports.

Replace the drives when ADU tells you to, check the ADU report for more than one drive errors, if so, suspect of backplane or cabling, perform backup as soon as posible and reseat all storage subsystem; same if after replacing a drive, the rebuild process is not completed.

This means that the controller is bussy keeping a more than one drive failing array alive and that the new drive's rebuild process has been queued.

If you have to call HP Support to claim warranty, be ready to send your ADU reports on a .zip file to with your case number as the subject of the message. They can use the reports to provide a better diagnose of the storage subsystem.

For a faster reponse ask your agent for his email and send a copy to his email, this way you can stay on the line while they analize your reports and get your spares ASP.