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Printing Diags Problem in SmartStart 6.2

Idris Whittingham-Jones
Occasional Advisor

Printing Diags Problem in SmartStart 6.2

We build and configure Proliant Servers and recently one was built which when received onsite was apparently not working correctly. HP Support finally agreed that the server was fine and configured correctly but now we are required to send a printed copy of all diags ran as proof.

Smart Start allows you to save the log file for the diags ran to print it off else where, but although it shows all the components and the test ran it does not show (in the log file status line) the fact that these tests passsed or failed.

We tried diags v11.04 but this only showed a very basic summary.

We have other diags programs but the nature of the contract means we have to use software available with the server, namely Smart Start.

All we need is a decent print off of diags ran any help would be very welcome.