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Pro 800 Series to Server 2000

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Tony Valance
Occasional Advisor

Pro 800 Series to Server 2000

I am trying to do an OS upgrade to a older 800 series server. It has 2 PIII 500 processors.

During POST it notifies me that processor #1 is not working and it is now using #2. I have successfully loaded the software but now during reboot the keyboard and mouse are disabled and I can not log on to complete the installation(using a Control-ALT-Delete).

Mark Morgan
Regular Advisor

Re: Pro 800 Series to Server 2000

Hello Tony,

Have you tried pulling the CPU and replacing it with the second one?
This would sort out the processor issue. Or do you have another one.

The bad cpu may be causing the other issues.
Hopefully the system is not going bad.

Good Luck
Tony Valance
Occasional Advisor

Re: Pro 800 Series to Server 2000

I tried switching processors and it appears that the processor is not the issue.

I also read that the sometimes the upgrade will only work with one processor.

Thanks and still looking for any feedback from anyone that has completed this upgrade on this type of machine successfully. I do not want to spend anymore money if in the long run it will not run Windows 2000 or 2003.
Tony Valance
Occasional Advisor

Re: Pro 800 Series to Server 2000

I have been able to eliminate the processor #1 issue to the degree that it will boot with 1 processor with no errors.

I tried loading just Windows 2000 Pro onto another hard drive and the keyboard/mouse works correctly during the load. Once it reboots the mouse and keyboard are lost. I am not sure why this happening. A configuration issue. Since this server has been around a while I would think someone has encountered this issue.
Honored Contributor

Re: Pro 800 Series to Server 2000


Can you go into the SCU settings (F10) and check the following please: -

Once you get to the first menu screen in F10 press CTRL-A to enter advanced mode. This will be confirmed by a pop-up screen.
From there go into Configure Hardware/View Edit details.

Locate the Selected Operating System at the top of the screen. Windows 2000 is available as a choice here once you've selected Windows NT as you get a second menu - What is this set to currently?

Go down to the section marked "Advanced Features" and report the IRQ Sharing and APIC modes listed at this point please.
What are they set to on your system?
If you can - just reply with all the settings in this area as some of them might be relevant.

Also - Please provide your current system BIOS date code (Hopefully it is already at P18 11/08/2000).

If you don't have the system partition installed to access F10 at boot you can download and built the 4 diskettes required from here.

I hope this helps.