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ProLiant 1600 multiprocessor not seen by OS

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ProLiant 1600 multiprocessor not seen by OS

Mark Hutchinson offered some good info on this last sept. on W2k. I'm using 2k3 and have followed on of those instructions, but still get only "Standard PC" in Dvc Mgr. Both processors are seen during POST, but not by the OS. MS offers little info on this issue with 2k3. What they do offer appears very risky as far as having to reinstall. This is not a production box, so it's not a big deal I do have to reinstall, but don't want to get stuck in that circle. Any info on getting a Win2K3 server to see 2 550 processors on a ProLiant 1600r is great appreciated.
Stephen Grimmer
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Re: ProLiant 1600 multiprocessor not seen by OS

I have seen this procedure work on some legacy boxes running w2k3.

1. Upgrade the firmware of the machine.

2. Download the latest System Configuration Utility and create the floppies.

3. Boot SCU and use CTRL-A to enter advanced mode.
a. set the o/s = Windows 2000
b. set apic mode = full table mapped

4. Install Windows Server 2003.

5. After installation you can switch apic mode to full table (the optimal
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Re: ProLiant 1600 multiprocessor not seen by OS

I won't get a chance to work on this server again till tomorrow, but will try this first thing.
Will let the forum know the results.
Thanks again!
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Re: ProLiant 1600 multiprocessor not seen by OS


You need to update the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) with the ones designed for two CPUs.

refer to microsoft support:

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