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ProLiant 1600 procesor upgrade

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ProLiant 1600 procesor upgrade

Hi all,

The company I work for has given me a Proliant 1600 unit, single PII 300Mhz processor and 320Mb ram. I'm afraid I'm a bit new to servers, but I'd like to upgrade to a dual processor configuration.

Do both processors need to have the same speed? Where can I find the appropriate upgrade kits? Thanks in advance for any help!

George Rayer
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Re: ProLiant 1600 procesor upgrade

I believe dual processors work best if they are the same speed, but I have seen a post stating that this may not be absolutely neccessary. Also the "stepping" should not be more than 2 different.

This is the list of processors available from the Compaq Spare Parts Store. As you can see, they are mostly around £1000 each.;sid=ln8eHyixAnceH2g0bHjcb1oQK1tX2VSj17I=?catHierarchyId=303713&strHeader=servers%5CProLiant+and+Pentium%2FXeon+servers%5CCompaq+ProLiant+servers%5CCompaq+ProLiant+server+1600+series&selProductSeries=254906&SearchMethod=SeriesKeyword&selKeyword=Processor

I recently upgraded our Proliant 1600 single PII 450MHz to a dual processor by adding a second, identical 450MHz. However I obtained this as part of a complete spare working server from for £100 (yes, one hundred) which seemed to me to be the only economical way to go.

RAM is also available from HP:;sid=ln8eHyixAnceH2g0bHjcb1oQK1tX2VSj17I=?catHierarchyId=303713&strHeader=servers%5CProLiant+and+Pentium%2FXeon+servers%5CCompaq+ProLiant+servers%5CCompaq+ProLiant+server+1600+series&selProductSeries=254906&SearchMethod=SeriesKeyword&selKeyword=Memory+%28DIMM%29

However, I obtained mine from Kingston Technology for one third of the Compaq pri
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: ProLiant 1600 procesor upgrade


It has to be of same speed.
and following is the part no which can be used to buy the same.

Intel Pentium II 512K 6/300 processor Option Kit 298047-B21

Prashant S.
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Re: ProLiant 1600 procesor upgrade

Thanks a lot for swift replies! As it happens, I've found the spare at a very good price (50$) on