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ProLiant 1850R No POST

Cameron Russo
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant 1850R No POST

Good evening:

I recently obtained a used ProLiant 1850R. Upon receipt, I attempted to power the server on, and found it wasn't activating the monitor attached to the onboard video port. I found that the server was missing its 64MB RAM module, so I commenced purchase of 1GB of ECC, Registered SDRAM, Compaq P/N 110958-032 x 4 modules.

I had initially suspected the lack of any POST activity indicated a RAM issue, and this new RAM hasn't remedied the situation. The new modules, while not the approved spares, seem to meet the specifications of that for the 1850R per the text descriptions of both.

I have disconnected and re-seated every component in the system, and it is factory stock other than the RAM. I've also tried each slot populated, with every possible configuration with these 4 modules.

I did ensure that the on-board video is not disabled.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insight!