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ProLiant 4500R & Linux?

Bill Maginnis
Occasional Advisor

ProLiant 4500R & Linux?

I've looked thru support areas for this "retired" server and found no mention of support for Linux (Red Hat, Suse, etc.) Has anyone gotten Linux to work on the 4500R? (Currently has Netware 3.12, school district technology dept. didn't want to install any newer version of Netware.)

Additionaly, can Mandrake distro be installed instead of RH 8 or SuSE 8?

Thanks in advance.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: ProLiant 4500R & Linux?

Hello Bill,
I am appending a link for you here which shows as to which operating systems are compatible with your 4500R. Linux 6.1 is one of them.

Bill Maginnis
Occasional Advisor

Re: ProLiant 4500R & Linux?

Thank you so much for your response. The link to the ProLiant series and Linux proved not quite specific enough. Everywhere I've searched on the HP site only points to the ProLiant 4500, not the 4500R, which I'm to understand is a different beast completely.

Am I incorrect in this assumption? Will info regarding the 4500 be applicable to the 4500R? The server has a disk array and my understanding is that these are kind of tough to implement with Linux.

Once again, thanks for your response. I'm pretty much of a newbie at the HP Forums.

ron fisher_1

Re: ProLiant 4500R & Linux?

Not knowing the spec's on a 4500r, it might be helpful for the rest of us to know what they are because its not usually a model issue as it what hardware is in the box. What proc(s), how much RAM, Video card, what array controller etc?

If you've installed Linux much you know that you need to get intimate with your hardware and know what you have before you attempt it. I run RH 7.x and 8.0 on Proliant 2500, 3000 and dl360's and they all behave a bit differently. Pentium Pro Proc motherboards usually require some init string additions to get the kernel to recognize RAM. Also don't even install X with the standard video controller in older proliants.. either go without (my pref) or add a decent controller. As for Mandrake, that is just a RH variant last time I heard so you should be OK.. its more about the kernel version than the distro anyway.
Looking down the barrel of another day
The Apple Core
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Re: ProLiant 4500R & Linux?

The last time I tried running Linux on a 4500R (Gentoo and Mandrake), it seems that it didn't particularly like the integrated F/W SCSI controller. Google turned up a forum topic and a reply that said Linux simply couldn't handle the integrated SCSI controller. I'm not quite sure, though.