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ProLiant 6000 and 5500 both ASR every few hours


ProLiant 6000 and 5500 both ASR every few hours

I posted this a few months ago and there is still no resolution. Last attempt I got an blue screen during shutdown and fixed it following the advice on
However the machines still do ASR's every day. One machine I stopped the Compaq SNMP service and now it only reboots every 3 or 4 days. But the ProLiant 6000 I just did from scratch like this:
- Removed all but essential ram (4 x 64)tape drive, all hard drives (except 2 - 9.1 Gig mirrored on SMART 3200)
- Used Smart Start 5.5 to erase system
- Swapped 2 other drives for mirrored pair
- Installed system with Assisted setup and installed W2K Server
This machine still will not stay up for any more than a few hours, and there is nothing in the event log about the restart, the only reason I know is from the IMD and the fact the NIC connection time is less.

The only thing I can find that is common between these machines (they are on different domains in different networks in different cities) is the fact both machines record lots of printer activity and neither of them have printers installed. The event logs are full of printer errors or prints successfully.
In fact, both printers are reporting the errors from the SAME printer (and it is neither of these). The printer they are listing is a ProLiant ML360 that is running SBS 2000 and obviously the PDC on that domain. What I dont understand is why the other machine on a totally separate and disconnected domain can get these errors.
I connect from one domain to the other via terminal services and that is the only connection.

Anyone got any ideas? I am thinking of going back to SmartStart 4.9 since I never had these issues with it.

Re: ProLiant 6000 and 5500 both ASR every few hours

I have noticed that soon as one of these machines is connected via terminal services, it generates a bunch of print errors. I did a screen capture of the event viewer and attached it.
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: ProLiant 6000 and 5500 both ASR every few hours


Check Q294429 to see how Win2k and Win2k3 Terminal Services redirects a client computer's local printer ports.

Anonymous (Last update 6/3/2003):
As per Microsoft: "When a client logs on, the Windows 2000-based server checks the name of the printer driver on the client and looks for the same printer driver name in the Windows 2000 Ntprint.inf file. If the name of the driver is not found, the error messages are logged and the printer is not redirected. ". See the links below for more details.

There used to be an article available from Microsoft: "Q253524 - Event IDs 1111, 1105, and 1106 with Windows 2000 Terminal Services" but it is no longer published (either is no longer applicable, it contained errors or simply did not fix the issue).

If you do not wish to map the local printers to the remote terminal services session you can disable this function by using the Terminal Services Configuration tool. Right-click on the connection type (i.e. RDP-Tcp) and on the Client Settings tab check "Windows printer mapping" to disable it.

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Re: ProLiant 6000 and 5500 both ASR every few hours

We had a similar problem on the same server type:
1) ASR approx. 1 times a week
2) System Event Log showes some difficulties when starting the SNMP Service in combination with the Compaq agents.
3) No hardware fault possible, because we have exchanged all Hardware.
4) Temperature is o.k.

-> Only possible cause left, is a software problem:

Solution that worked with our problem:
1) Deinstall SNMP
2) Deinstall all Compaq Agents
3) Boot
4) Reinstall SNMP
5) Install brand new SP6a
6) Reinstall Compaq Agents
7) Install brand new SP6a