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ProLiant 800 restarting before bootup

Mark Parker_2
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant 800 restarting before bootup

I have a ProLiant 800 that I'm trying to get working.

When I hit the power button, it takes a second or two before the system powers on, and then after several seconds the monitor comes on and shows the Compaq ProLiant screen. 1-2 seconds after this screen comes up, the system powers itself off, and stays off for 5-7 seconds, when the process starts itself over.

I did a BIOS recovery with a ROMPaq diskette, and that seemed to work just fine (got the ascending beeps), but it didn't change the behavior at all. I resetted the CMOS (DIP 6 to on, I think that's how it's done), but that didn't have any effect either.

Any suggessions?
Honored Contributor

Re: ProLiant 800 restarting before bootup

Hi Mark,

It sounds like a power supply overload or possibly a thermal shutdown due to a faulty fan.

Have you checked that all the fans are spinning when the system is powered up?

If it's power related, remove any loads such as add-on tape drives (just pull the DC connector off). You can also remove the power connector to the drive cage which will remove a big power load if there are mulitiple disks. It won't boot from disk in this case but you can check if it's stable by using the Smarstart CD etc. If this doesn't help, get the system to a minimum configuration with one CPU and minimum memory.

I hope this helps,

Mark Parker_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: ProLiant 800 restarting before bootup

I got the system to POST and boot up, thanks. I pulled everything, and then replaced it piece by piece, and ended up with everything exactly the way I started, except that one of the built-in SCSI ports had a cable connected that had nothing but a terminator on the end that I didn't reconnect. Thanks for your help!