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ProLiant 8000 and RILOII

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ProLiant 8000 and RILOII

I need to figure out where the virtual power cable attaches on the 8000 Xeon. I have the split 4 wire cable, but it came with no instructions on where to install it on the 8000. Any advice, or even better diagrams much appreciated!
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Re: ProLiant 8000 and RILOII

Hi Sean,

You need the large 4pin to male/female tab type Virtual Power Button cable for the Proliant 8000 XEON model.
This is cable type E in the following matrix.

This has assembly number 162816-001 and is part of Compaq spare part kit number 166655-001.
(See attached image).

Installing: -

Note: Remove the power cables from the servers power supplies to be on the safe side as you will be working with the main power switch assembly.

1. Remove the female connectors from the top and bottom male connecting tabs on the power switch.

2. Plug the small 4-pin end of the VPB cable into the RILOEII module.

3. Plug the female connectors from the other end of the VPB cable onto the top and bottom male tabs on the power switch.

4. Plug the female connectors removed from the power switch in step 1 into the male connector tabs on the VPB cable.

(Again, see the image for clarification).

The type of Virtual Power Button (VPB) cable you need does not come as standard with the RILOEII kit so approach your supplier in the first instance for the correct cable assembly. Kit 166655-001, as you can see from the image includes other cables.

I hope this helps.