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ProLiant 8500: No video or POST

Jesse Saletan
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant 8500: No video or POST

I've been given a ProLiant 8500 that I'm told was working when it was removed from the rack. When I power it up there is no video and no POST. The fans turn on, the drive lights blink momentarily, then three stay lit with green arrows and one stays unlit. All LEDs that I can find inside the system are green. There are no "system interconnect status indicators" lit. I've tried the following already:

* Removed and reseated the memory board and each memory module.
* Removed and reseated each processor and its associated power module.
* Removed and reseated each hard drive.
* Disabled the on-board video with configuration switch SW1(1) and tried using a PCI video card.
* Cleared the NVRAM with configuration switch SW1(6)

The LCD display remains the same at all times while the machine is plugged in, whether it's powered on or not. It reads:

Model # 56022

The only thing I can think of to do now is start checking individual memory modules to see if one is bad. Any other suggestions?
Jesse Saletan
Occasional Visitor

Re: ProLiant 8500: No video or POST

Turned out it was a bad memory module. I pulled the DIMMs from one of the memory banks and it works fine now.