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ProLiant BL20p G3 SmartStart 9.10 Error

Occasional Contributor

ProLiant BL20p G3 SmartStart 9.10 Error

I am trying to create an updated build for a ProLiant BL20p G3 server using the lastest Smartstart however smartstart will not load. I have tried numerous reboots and USB/DVD via ilo and USB locally. I get the initail Smart start prompt followed by the blue HP icon but it then crashes. I have tried the same smartstart USB on ProLiant BL20p G4 and 460 blades and it works and I successsully created a new image. I also updated the fimware on the G3 and tried the smart start but it still didnt work.
Has anyone else had an issue with the new smartstart and G3 blades? Any suggestions appreciated.
Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: ProLiant BL20p G3 SmartStart 9.10 Error

As per the release notes for version 9.10, the BL20p G3 is not fully supported. You need to use an earlier version of SmartStart.
Good Luck!
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