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ProLiant BL480c G1 & 400i Array settings help

Chip Gettler
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ProLiant BL480c G1 & 400i Array settings help

We have a ProLiant BL480c G1 blade server. One of these blade servers is our new eCommerce server.
Yesterday while doing some load testing. I noticed that every time someone logged in or clicked on a link on the website it had High Page faults.
So I'm in search of a resolution. But in looking, I noticed something else on the disk array config sheet.(see attached)
It looks like the settings are set to favor writing to disk rather then reading. As well there are some settings that I'm not sure are set best for Web hosting.
Can someone looka t the settings in the attachments and let me know if the array looks fine or if I should set it better.


Re: ProLiant BL480c G1 & 400i Array settings help

I would set the rebuild and expand priorities to low.

And yes, the controller is set to use 75% of the cache as write cache.
I have no idea, if that's good or bad.

You could check the disks.
Use the System Management Homepage.
Check the statistics of the Hard drives, for errors.


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