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[ProLiant DL 160 G9] RBSU memory test hanging

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[ProLiant DL 160 G9] RBSU memory test hanging


Our new HP ProLiant DL 160 G9 hangs every time we run memory test (RBSU). Insight Diagnostics passes all the tests with no errors.

We have updated Intelligent Provisioning (now it’s 2.50 version) and other firmware with SPP 2016.

The server has 2 CPU and 4x16Gb of RAM, but we tried down to 1CPU and 1x16Gb of RAM with the same result.

HP Support replaced the server’s motherboard, but nothing had changed. Now they say that RBSU tests were developed for PC and may hang servers which sounds very strange. Also they sent us this link

Before Intelligent Provisioning update there was a test log inside UEFI Diagnostics but hanged tests were not mentioned there – only successfully passed (tests of motherboard, CPU, HDD, etc).

Does anybody have the same problem with HP ProLiant DL 160 G9? Should HPE release some information about this issue officially?