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ProLiant DL120 G7 Graphics Drivers for WinXP 32-bit

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ProLiant DL120 G7 Graphics Drivers for WinXP 32-bit



we've a legacy environment here which we need to replicate on WinXP 32-bit - and the rack device is a DL120 G7.


Unfortunately, we could not find drivers for WinXP. Also, there's no link to the original manufacturer (Matrox/Intel ?) to get drivers from there.


HP, please - even if there's no official support, a hint to something would be helpful.


Any advice is very, very welcome!





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Re: ProLiant DL120 G7 Graphics Drivers for WinXP 32-bit

To identify any unknown PCI/PCI-X/PCIe device in Windows XP or newer:

Go to Device Manager, select your unknown device, open its properties window and select the "Details" tab. You should see a dropdown list of device properties. You want the property "Hardware IDs": it's usually second from the top. Select it and you see a string like this:


 This contains the PCI vendor and device ID numbers: VEN_ is the prefix for the vendor ID, and DEV_ for the device ID.


Then point your browser to the PCI ID Repository:


First find the correct vendor by browsing the list of PCI devices. Once you've found the vendor, you can see a list of device IDs for that vendor. Once you find a match, you known the vendor and type of the device.

The listing may include subvendor/subdevice IDs too: if the Device Manager hardware ID string includes these values too, you can use them to refine your identification.


Even if you cannot find the exact device ID, the vendor ID will reveal the vendor (Intel, Matrox or ATI/AMD).