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ProLiant DL140 Fan Control and BMC

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ProLiant DL140 Fan Control and BMC

Hi!  I'm hoping someone who has expierence with the ProLiant DL140 G1 Servers can help me out.  


I recently aquired a bunch of these servers for dirt cheap, so they were a bit hard to pass up.

Now, I  realize these are servers, and they supposed to be loud in order to be cooled properly, however, it seems as if they are too loud regardless based on the server load.  The server remains nice and cool, and the air being blown is also cool, so I doubt the fans need to be running at the speed they are. 

I've been searching around to try and figure out how to control the speed of the fans, but am coming up a bit empty handed.  

I found these two relevant posts, here on the HP forums, and on Experts Exchange:


From Experts Exchange: "I just found a page that mentions the BMC can control fan speeds. Have you looked into that? There were 3 types of DL140's on the site I tried from the link below , and I wasn't sure which one you had and which OS you were using. You may want to look up how to adjust the fan with the BMC."

So, from my understanding, it is possible to slow the fans down a bit using BMC (baseboard management controller), however, I have no idea how to access and use it.  

Can anyone provide some insight into that?    I've been searching everywhere, with nothing but dead ends.