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ProLiant DL160 Windows 2008 Hyper-V

Thomas Zehntner
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ProLiant DL160 Windows 2008 Hyper-V


I've got the following Problem with my DL160G5
(with Intel Proc. 5405 2.0GHz QuadCore 2x6 MB Cache)

The Hypervisor on my W2K8 won't start.
A error message is displayed that tells me
something with my bios settings isn't correct.

There should exist two configuration points in the bios (described in other support-threads)

- Must have Virtualization Technology enabled in the BIOS, sometimes this is referred to as VT or virtualization asset
- Must have No-Execute enabled in the BIOS, sometime this is referred to as NX or Execute Disable

I cannot find these settings in the latest BIOS of my server.

Has anyone got an idea for me?

I hope my english is not to bad ;-)





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Phillip Barnes_1
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Re: ProLiant DL160 Windows 2008 Hyper-V


I sympathise with your frustration, I to am suffering the same frustration. This is because I have two DL160 G5 servers based on the Intel XEON 5472 (Server PID: 445198-421)

I bought these servers with the expectation that they would fully support virtualisation since the Intel processor on which their based does. Alas it would appear that this simple logical assumption does not apply to HP and these servers!

Even downloading and installing the latest BIOS dated the 1st of February 2008 didn't bring much relief to my pain as this update does not add control over the No Execute bit on the processor in the BIOS settings.

What I don't understand is why this state of affairs exists at all. What's the point in designing, marketing (stating in the advertising that the processor in the server has virtualisation support)and shipping a server with these Intel XEON 5400 series processors and not providing support in the BIOS??

Surely all that's required is a simple bit of assembler code in the BIOS aligned with an entry in the CPU settings area of the BIOS to make support for the No Execute function happen? I could do it myself if HP is happy to give me the source code of the BIOS. I'm annoyed enough with HP over this matter to consider buying from another supplier over this matter.

By the way your English is good; better than my German.


Phillip Barnes
Thomas Zehntner
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Re: ProLiant DL160 Windows 2008 Hyper-V


I received this info from HP last week:

"To support the VT the primary criteria is it should have supported processor , with VT application or OS and last but not least supported system board. If one of that options not matching then it will not work with VT.
Here in our DL160 G5 servers we use the VT enabled processor but this server does not support VT. In our quick spec also it does not mentioned that any virtualization OS supports by this server, or supports VT."

I also called HP and got the information
that the systemboard does not meet the requirements.

I still don't understand why HP won't change this.

Every other vendor supports the neccessary
options in this price range.



kingsley millar
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Re: ProLiant DL160 Windows 2008 Hyper-V

I just upgarded my bios on a dl160 g5 to version o12 and hyper-v now works ok!
Kenny Huang
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Re: ProLiant DL160 Windows 2008 Hyper-V

one of my HDD which from WD can't be recognized by the system after I update the latest Biso version O12,but the HP original hard disk works fine.
I have tested another Hitachi Hdd, still not work.
does the new bios support the hdd from HP only?