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ProLiant DL180 G6 with Smart Array P410 failed logical drive

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ProLiant DL180 G6 with Smart Array P410 failed logical drive

Hi all,

I have an issue with a bunch of DL180 each with P410 smart arrays with 2 logical drives, one is for the root filesystem, and the other is a large-ish 10TB filesystem that is exported by nfs.


The boxes are primarily nfs servers, and are frequently maxed out and are the bottleneck in our processing chain.


Every so often one of these 10TB logical drives fails and needs to be rebuilt. this happens about once a month, and it a pain.


The message is "      Message: This logical drive has failed and cannot be used.  All data on this logical drive has been lost."


We have tried updating the firmware on the disk array, and the kernel module, and various flavours of linux have been used for the host OS, debian, CentOS, and xfs and ext3 have been tried as filesystem types.  However the logical drives still regularly need rebuilding from backups.


I have attached a hpacucli for one of the failed drives. Any suggestions on what might be the problem?






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