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ProLiant DL360 G1 - P3-S Tualatin 1.4Ghz

Christopher Weatherhead
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant DL360 G1 - P3-S Tualatin 1.4Ghz


Could someone please help me, I've recently procured one of these server (yeah I know there pretty old), and have just got 2 Tualatin 1.4Ghz processor (which I intend to replace the 866Mhz ones with). I updated the BIOS ROM to the latest release, the release before that added support for tualatins.

I have then installed the new processors, the machine still powers on, but nothing is displayed onscreen. I go back to the 866's and everythings fine again, does this server support these CPU's (as the ones I have are marked COMPAQ) and if not what is the maxmium supported clock for this server?

I know its pretty late in the day but would HP add support for these chips?

Any other help would be much appreciated

Many Thanks