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ProLiant DL360 G6 + MSA60 and 411 Array

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ProLiant DL360 G6 + MSA60 and 411 Array


I have strange issue with my old ProLiant DL360 G6 and HPStorage MSA60 I have two DL360 G6 servers (one in production and one in my office) and two MSA60 Storage, witch connect to DL. In my production enviroment Battery on Array 411 is failed. I take battery and cache module from my office DL360 and plug it into production server. Everything fine and working like charm. Now i have DL360 G6 with no battery and no cache for 411. I unplug cache and battery from P410i array and plug it to 411 (MSA60 is connect to this array) Server start, but i doesn see my MSA60 and get this message: Controller: Smart Array P411 in Slot 1 is connected to a SAS expander which is not supported due to a missing cache module, out of date firmware, or unsupported configuration. Access to the storage may be disabled. If access to the storage is available, making any configuration change will lead to potential data loss on those logical drives. So, my question is: Does battery and cache from P410i can be using with 411 array controller or not? Or i did something wrong?...

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Re: ProLiant DL360 G6 + MSA60 and 411 Array

I don't have this exact config (no MSA60 attached to my DL360 G6 servers), but I think it should work.

There's a weird thing with the battery and cache modules... if you have the cache module installed it expects to see that battery module plugged in, even if the batteries are no good.

When I was messing around with a handful of servers with bad cache batteries, I thought I could just unplug the battery module from the cache board until the new ones were ready... but then the array gives an error and disables all array functions.

I also ran into one funky problem when I didn't get the cache module plugged into the controller that well... it must not have been pushed in on one side or something. So on bootup I got an error with that too until I got the cache fully pushed in.

It seems possible that you could have a similar thing, where the cache module isn't fully seated, or maybe the battery module cable is loose or something. Double-checking all of that since those got moved around could be all it needs.

Good luck! I hope it's an easy fix.
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Re: ProLiant DL360 G6 + MSA60 and 411 Array

Well, after few hours of plugging/unplugging and other strange actions:
I take cache module from production array and battery from my old 410i - and make one device :)
My 410i working fine with it (battery charging and 512Mb cache is present)
My 411 doesnt see cache module at all
Old cache module from 410i doesnt work on any controllers.
Battery from production is faild.

And it is very strange thing....