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ProLiant DL360 G6 Processor Addition

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ProLiant DL360 G6 Processor Addition



I will soon be adding another processor to our ProLiant DL360 G6 server. I have 2 questions before I take the server down. Due to our enviroment I only have a short window of time to do this upgrade. I have seen on some tutorials that adding a second processor to some ProLiant servers requires an additional PPM or VRM (module) while others do not. Can anybody clarify whether or not I will need a PPM or VRM module for this upgrade? I currently have an Intel Xeon E5520 2.27GHz proc in the server, and will be adding another. Second question: Will I need to add more RAM on the DIMM slots next to the additional processor that I will be adding, or does it share DIMM slots with the other proc? 


Thanks in advance for any insight that you can provide.


Jason S.


Re: ProLiant DL360 G6 Processor Addition

From what i remember..the G6 doesn't have a VRM..i will check more on that but on the memory issue you do have to mirror that memory on both procs. if you don't want to add more memory you can take some from the first proc side and arrange it the same with the other. Fill the same banks.
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Re: ProLiant DL360 G6 Processor Addition

It should pop in. I haven't seen the need for an additional VRM module in the DL series since maybe G1 or G2. Something like that.

The G6 definitely doesn't need one. It does need all of the fans installed though and it wouldn't hurt to make sure of the power requirements. The G6 can ship with either the 460W or 750W supplies.

You might double-check the quickspecs ( and see if what you have seems okay.

For example, it might be fine on dual 460W supplies but would it be okay if one failed? Might depend on what CPU's you're actually using.

You also might check any tech docs... sometimes a newer revision of the same CPU might not play well with your existing one. It's not normal, but it does come up.

For performance you should spread your existing memory between the 2 CPUs, but it's not strictly necessary... I recommend it though so you're not starving one CPU of nice fast RAM to work with on it's own channels. Just pay attention to the memory population guidelines.