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ProLiant DL360 won't boot to CD

Chad Renshaw_1
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ProLiant DL360 won't boot to CD

Hi all. We have a ProLiant DL360 which was originally built for us by a contracted company. The server was not installed with the utility partition and therefore we cannot get in to the BIOS options. The biggest problem we have with this is that the server refuses to boot from ANY bootable CD so I am thinking the boot priority for CD was changed from the default where it is the first boot device.

Does anyone have any idea how we can get a cd to boot and/or how we can get in to the BIOS options? I feel like i'm at a dead end because since no CDs will boot, the smartstart CD obviously won't boot to allow me to BIOS options :(

Thank you much,

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: ProLiant DL360 won't boot to CD

Hello 'n Good Morning Chad,

I did not understand ! You mean to say, you cannot boot into the BIOS as there are no utility partition ?? I think BIOS is never on a HDD partition. :) :)
Which keys are you using Chad ? If I am not wrong, it should be F9; F10 is the keys in certain ML350 Servers.

Does the Drive recognize any media at all ?

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Re: ProLiant DL360 won't boot to CD


so i suppose it is a G1 right

try this utility

Compaq System Configuration Utility
it creates a set of floppies that you can use to get BIOS

that's the one I used for G1 because the other one is Smartstart CD 5.5 but like you're telling us is not picking up the CD

let us know anything else

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Chad Renshaw_1
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Re: ProLiant DL360 won't boot to CD

All, thanks for the replies. The DL360 does not have a default boot setup option (F2, F8, F9, F10, F12, DEL do not work) I read that you have to boot to the smartstart 5.5 CD to get to these BIOS options and I really don't even need to get to the BIOS, but rather I just need to boot from the CD to install windows 2003 :)

Floppy will not work because we do not have floppies in these servers.


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Re: ProLiant DL360 won't boot to CD

During the boot process, look for Press F10 for system utilities. This should point you to the BIOS.


Regarding the boot to CD. 

Burn the iso images in "24X Speed" only. Not lower and not higher.
it must be exact 24speed.

Hope this help to you guys out there.