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ProLiant DL380 G6 and E-sata

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ProLiant DL380 G6 and E-sata



We need to connect an external e-sata drive to an HP DL380G6, and bought an Adaptec 1225SA  card.


We are running Debian Squeeze and OpenSuse 11.4 on our servers (and Xen, but we don't even get as far as that with this card)


Any attempt to mount a drive connected to this e-sata card results in the server doing a complete lock-up, requiring a power off and reboot.

The card works fine in a generic 64bit server with a Gigabyte motherboard.


I've now seen a post in the HP Community saying that the Adaptec card also cause Windows 2008 server to crash, which suggests to me that there is a fundamental incompatibility between the DL380G6 and this esata card.


Could someone recommend an e-sata card that does work with a DL380G6, and - if possible - one that works with Debian Squeeze running xen 4.0.1 as I have also tried a Startech esata card, and that just does not see any drive attached when the Xen Hypervisor is loaded, therefore you cannot mount the drive.  Again that same card works fine in the aforementioned Gigabyte motherboard with 64bit Squeeze and Xen 4.0.1






Re: ProLiant DL380 G6 and E-sata



I would suggest to contact Adaptec to check compatibility.


Also check if any BIOS/Firmware update to the card fixes the issue.


If you check the above two links, Debian and OpenSuse are not in the compatibility list of OS for this card.


Good Luck!

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Re: ProLiant DL380 G6 and E-sata

Thanks I'll have a look at those links, but...


...the card works perfectly as expected on a different hardware platform (Gigabyte motherboard) and  if you look at this post


that suggests that the card causes Windows 2008 Server to crash with this card, and that OS is on the Adaptec Compatibility list, and that the poster was referred here by adaptec.


Unfortunately I didn't find that post until after we bought this card.


I'm more interested in finding out about a specific e-sata card that people have used in a DL380G6 that does not cause a seg-fault in either Debian or OpenSese  and allows the e-sata drives to be hot-swapped


I have tried a cheap Startech card, that works to a point, but then cannot see any drives at all when we run a Xen kernel, and again, this is only on a DL380G6. Works fine on two other computers, one of which was a HP dc7100SFF, although that had a 32-bit OS on it, not 64bit. The gigabyte computer mentioned above was running 64-bit Squeeze, and it does exactl;y what we would expect it do.


It's only on a DL380G6 we have these problems. And it should be added that we have several DL380G6's and the fault is not just one specific machine, it happens on all of them



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Re: ProLiant DL380 G6 and E-sata

We recently ran into this problem as well.


We have been running the 1225SA attached to an HP DL360G4p running Windows 2003 x64 for over a year with no problems.  It has an external, two drive bay on it.  We never had a problem and then recently on a reboot the server hangs at the adaptec controller <ctrl>-A

prompt.  There were no changes made to the adaptec configurations. or the HP configurations.

Powering the server off / on and the server boots fine.

The only thing that would have changed on the server is Windows updates.