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Re: ProLiant DL380 Gt

R M Jackson
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ProLiant DL380 Gt

We recently purchased this server and I've been tasked with setting it up.  The 16 driver version is what we are using.  I"ve got the first bay populated and the OS installed.  I have installed the SATA/SAS RAID card and installed and populated the 3nd bank of 8 drives.  It flashes all drivers when I power on the unit but it doesn't seem to see the 2nd controller and the other 8 drivers.  When I bring up the array mgr I just get the the boot drivers (3 - 146Gb drives set as Raid 5 and the other 6 - 600Gb drives which I haven't setup in a raid yet).  


I didn't get any paperwork on the 2nd controller and using the P/N and S/N from it returns nothing using the HP Parts search.


It's a multi port, 6gb/s SATA/SAS Raid controller in the riser, a full height card.


I'm trying to identify the controller and figure out why it isn't being seen.  I have no ! marked devices in the device mgr.


Thanks for any assistance.


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: ProLiant DL380 Gt

Can you provide the partnumbers that are listed on the card?
Does it give any identifications while booting? Maybe in BIOS or POST?
R M Jackson
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Re: ProLiant DL380 Gt

I found this:


Regulatory Model Number: HSTNM-B017


PCA P/N: 468405-0001


It has multiple SN on it...

Port side is: RF13BP0456

Back: CN711505CD


HP Parts search doesn't return any results for any of the above numbers.


Using the NTSNM and google I found was a SAS Expansion card.


I know it's a SAS RAID card, one of the folks I work with thought we could avoid it by using the mb sas controller but the mb only has 2 internals and they are in use with the primary drive cage.  This expansion card is for the secondary bay that replaces the cd/dvd drive bay for 8 more hard drives.


I'd like drivers/software for it... be good if the array software could actually use it...


Oh, and just so you know, I THINK I have everything that came with the server, It was all unpackaged when I picked it up...


Jimmy Vance
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Re: ProLiant DL380 Gt

I think the 16 drive version of the server uses a SAS expander card. There should be 4 cables from the drive backplane connected to the expander card, and then 2 cables from the expander card to the Smart Array controller.


Expander card connector                  Server connector


Port 1C (external connector)             HP external tape device

Port 2C - Port 7C                                 Hard drive backplanes 

Port 8C                                                  Controller port 1

Port 9C                                                  Controller port 2



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