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ProLiant DL380 hangs with ILO message 'Server power removed.' still running

Simon Hürlimann
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant DL380 hangs with ILO message 'Server power removed.' still running

Hi all

We got some problems HP ProLiant DL380 G3 Server:
HP ProLiant DL380 G3
2x Intel Xeon 2.8GhZ

Firmware Revision: 1.91

After some time (hours to days) the server stops responding. The top most LED (external health indicator) is amber instead of green. Disks, Fans etc. are still running.

The ILO Controller is accessible. The ILO Log shows the following Message: 'Server power removed.' In the Virtual Power section the 'Server is currently OFF'. Neither using the web-frontend, nor the SSH console I can turn the server on: in the web-frontend nothing happens, here the output using SSH:
hpiLO-> start /system1
Failed to power on server.

Physically pushing the power button for ~5 secs do power down the server. HDs and Fans stop running, the Externel Health LED still glows in amber. Pushing the power button again, start the system again. Anything looks right again for some time...

We've experienced this both using redundant power supply and only one power supply on a smart UPS. Trying it using one power supply directly now...

Thanx in advance
Gary Antonio Benavides
Trusted Contributor

Re: ProLiant DL380 hangs with ILO message 'Server power removed.' still running

The top most LED is not the external health is the internal health LED. The second one from top to bottom is the external health. If it is the external health then it could be the power converter module. If not It might be a CPU or a memory, the riser cage, a PCI card not properly seated. Have you tried with the minimun configuration? Only one processor at the time and two memories only, take out any third party hardware install in the server.
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