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ProLiant DL380G2 ./. Link Aggregation issue

Mike Rother

ProLiant DL380G2 ./. Link Aggregation issue

Hello community,

we have re-installed a ProLiant DL380G3 with Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2.

The server is connected to a Juniper EX4200 Switch via both onboard NICs NC3163.
Driver version is 8.0.43.

We are running the NIC teaming software to have both NICs connected to the Switch via 802.3ad Link Aggregation.
On the switch, the LACP is set to "active".

The IP address for the virtual NIC of the teaming software is set fixed, no DHCP.

This setup works fine with 4 other identical servers which were set up 2 years ago but not with this one:

Our problem:
When we reboot the server, the virtual NIC is searching for a IP address - which shouldn't be the case as it is set static.
When this happens the NIC teaming tool shows the LAG to be fine/operational.
Same on the switch, LAG diagnostic shows all to be fine.

When this happens we see a message in the eventlog telling:

Team ID: 0
Aggregation ID: 0
Team Member ID: 0
PROBLEM: 802.3ad link aggregation (LACP) has failed. ACTION: Ensure all ports are connected to LACP-aware devices.

Before reinstalling the server worked fine with the settings on the switch which were not changed in any way.

We suspect the NIC teaming software version to be the problem but unfortunately I wasn't able to find out which version is installed on the older, fine working servers.

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks and kind regards