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ProLiant DL380P Gen8 - HD Controller Temperature


ProLiant DL380P Gen8 - HD Controller Temperature

My first time with HP server, then i'm messing around in iLO 4 and I found something that I don't know if its correct or not, the temperature o HD Controller its about 83C and caution its about 100C, I don't know if this is correct or its high, since the 83C is very near to caution temperature, and its the only one sensor near caution value, and so far the highest temperature.


This is correct? The HD controller have high temperatures or I have a problem?


HP DL380P G8.jpg

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Re: ProLiant DL380P Gen8 - HD Controller Temperature

I just posted this in another thread, but I'll copy it here.


I just picked up a brand new DL360p Gen8:


Room temperature is 22 Celsius.


I have NO drives installed (the host runs ESXi using SAN storage).


HD Controller is running at: 86 Celsius

FlexiLOM is running at: 71 Celsius


All other temperatures in the system are below 20-40 Celsius