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ProLiant DL380P Power On Issues - Orange Sine Wave

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ProLiant DL380P Power On Issues - Orange Sine Wave



I must first say that having come from Lenovo/IBM Servers, the HP range is very new to me.


Have just purchased the DL380P Gen 8- 4 x 1Tb Sas + 2 x 350Gb SAS - Dual Xeon


I built up the server in my office and it was fine, Server 2008 R2 went on like a dream.   Moved it 200 miles to site, and when I power on now, the fans will kick in and then after probably less than a minute will power down, the Sine Wave led will be showing orange.


Tried it direct to the power outlet on the wall and onto a UPS (Unbranded) but get the same results on both.


I am guessing from what I read, its the ultra-sensitive power supply on the server?   is there any way of proving this before spending more on something like the Eaton 9130 UPS unit?


Any recommendation from HP on what is compatible with this server?


Really appreciate anyone coming forward with help.



Many thanks

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Re: ProLiant DL380P Power On Issues - Orange Sine Wave

Do you have redundant power supplies on it by any chance? You can try reinserting the supplies.

When you set it up, would it be safe to assume you were plugged into a 120V line (if you're in the US or Canada)? And when you put it in a datacenter it might be 208 or 240?

The PSU should work fine either way, but maybe try a 120V outlet just to check it out.

Did the front panel LED lights show any specific faults besides the power thing (which I think is the one you were talking about), like the power supply, CPU, or anything else?