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ProLiant DL385 G7

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ProLiant DL385 G7

can we use two Quadro 6000 graphic card for ProLiant DL385 G7

I put one Quadro 6000 and cut the some places of the server and doesn't close...

can we take power supply out of thecase and connect with a cable to motherboard about 30 cm - 1mt cable is it possible...

what is the max speed and capacity for 8gb 16gb and 32 gb


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: ProLiant DL385 G7

Question marks?

1.) Does the Quadro 6000 work with the DL385 G7?
2.) Why don't you have a 3U server?
3.) It all depends if the PSU has more connections into the server than cable, sometimes it connects to a power backplane for example. Check the service and maintenance guide, it should tell you.
4.) I don't understand your last statement about 8g,16g, etc.)
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Re: ProLiant DL385 G7

2 Quadro 6000 will work...

2U is cheap :)

Case closing now :)  only problam power supply

psu has one connection Spare no 496062-001  >>> ıf I found a cable then can take psu outside and can do it...

DL385 very bad design motherboard with a case...

If ı put memory12 x 32 gb 1333 mhz  or 12 x16 gb 1333 can it be work ?

In motherboard there is SD card  place what is it for ?



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: ProLiant DL385 G7


It supports 16GB and 32GB DIMMs.


I think your max depends on how many CPUs you have.


2 RDIMMs per processor:

Maximum memory: Replacing standard memory with 4x32GB QR RDIMMs and 8x16GB DR RDIMMs (maximum of 256GB per processor)


Did you read any of the manuals about the SD card reader? The user guide doesn't have any information about it except the slot location. I couldn't find anything decisive from an website but one hit on says it's for 'integrated hypervisor' - so supposedly it's for installing ESX or similar on it, so you don't have to use the 2.5" or 3.5" disks for OS.