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ProLiant DL385G7 128GB RAM issue

Mike Rother

ProLiant DL385G7 128GB RAM issue

Hi everybody,

we have 4 HP PROLiant DL385 G7 (2x AMD 12-Core CPU).
We wanted to run the server with 8x8GB RAM Modules per CPU to have a total of 128GB per server.
Server and RAM is brand new.
If I equip the server with all 16 8GB Modules (8 in each bank) it won't boot and shows all RAM slots with error. If I remove 2 modules from each bank so the server has 6 8GB modules in each bank, it boots up fine with 96GB of RAM.
Accordin to my information, the server is supposed to be able to take up to 256GB of RAM.
To get this amount, 16x8GB modules and 8x16GB modules should be used.
So why does it not work with the 8x8GB modules?
Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

thanks in advantage and kind regards
Zygmunt Krawczyk
Honored Contributor

Re: ProLiant DL385G7 128GB RAM issue

Which type of 8GB memory module do you have (HP part number)?

Memory configuration rules for DL385 G7 is included in quick spec
Mike Rother

Re: ProLiant DL385G7 128GB RAM issue

Hello Zygmunt,

thank you very much, your link helped to solve my problem which was caused by wrong population of the RAM slots.
I used the configurator and it gave me the correct info.
I had known that the configurator exists and searched for it but didn't find it myself.
Now its bookmarked ;-) to prevent such problems in the future.

Many thanks again and kind regards