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Re: ProLiant G8 DL385p Bios password reset!!!

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ProLiant G8 DL385p Bios password reset!!!

Good day,

how do you reset the BIOS password for DL385p G8?
I setup an administrator password but after restarting the server, I immediately went back to BIOS.
It won't accept my new password.

I switched maintenance switch S6 (regarding to Maintenance and Service Quide) to the on position - no changes...


Thanks for help!


Re: ProLiant G8 DL385p Bios password reset!!!



To disable the powen-on Password change the S5 switch to ON position. To allow changes in system configuration put S2 switch to Off position.


System maintenance switch:

Position Default Function

S1           Off         Off = HP iLO security is enabled.

                                On = HP iLO security is disabled.

S2           Off         Off = System configuration can be changed.

                                On = System configuration is locked.

S3           Off          Reserved

S4           Off          Reserved

S5           Off         Off = Power-on password is enabled.

                                On = Power-on password is disabled.

S6           Off         Off = No function

                                On = ROM reads system configuration as invalid.

S7 — Reserved

S8 — Reserved

S9 — Reserved

S10 — Reserved

S11 — Reserved

S12 — Reserved



Hope this helps,


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Re: ProLiant G8 DL385p Bios password reset!!!

But i need reset BIOS password, no power-on password!

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Re: ProLiant G8 DL385p Bios password reset!!!

If this can help someone, just remove the battery and change over the switch. Wait a moment. Put the battery back in place and switch on. The setting will be restored. Then reset the switch into original position.

I can see the support gives a really prompt response ...


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Re: ProLiant G8 DL385p Bios password reset!!!



Removing the CMOS battery and changing the system maintanence switch to ON, then putting the battery back with changing the switch to OFF position will reset the BIOS password




You need to clear NVRAM in order to clear the BIOS password.


Follow the steps to clear the NVRAM (CMOS) configuration:


a. Turn the server off and unplug it. Take the case off.


b. Locate the System Maintenance switch on the system board.


c. Turn the switch # 6 on the switch (System Maintenance Switch) to ON position


d. Cycle the server power up and down. e. Reset the switch to the off position.


f. Restore power and reconfigure the system (set the date and time and other configuration).



The steps above is in case you don't know the actual password If you know the password you can do this:


The Set Admin Password option is a simple character string with a maximum of seven characters.


To disable or clear the password, enter the password followed by a / (slash) when prompted to enter the password.



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