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ProLiant ML 310 - Windows 2003 Server problem

Endre Szekely-Benczedi
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant ML 310 - Windows 2003 Server problem

I have installed Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise) on a ProLiant ML 310. After that (yeah, I know) I've checked the OS compatibility matrix, to find out that Enterprise isn't supported only Standard. Okay, this wasn't really the problem I've got. Installed Standard afterwards. I couldn't use the smartstart 6.10 CD because I was using a MSDN CD, and I guess the paths are different so SmartStart haven't found the i386 directory (same cd contains standard and enterprise version). Tried to boot from the Windows CD, and it worked (Windows 2000's installer haven't seen the hard disks). After installing the 2003 standard server, I've updated the disks to dynamic disks (I have 2 x 40 Gb HDDs).
After restarting, I've got an error that RAID configuration is invalid. Actually it seems that Windows earsed the controller's configuration.

Here's the situation:
I have 2 x arrays with 1 disk each (set as raid 0). I don't want to use RAID 1 because I'd lose too much space (controller is an Ultra-ATA 100 IDE controller, it knows RAID 0, 1 and 10). I'd rather want to use software raid from Windows to mirror the system partition only, like 10Gb, I'd need the rest for different things, like storage for RIS images etc.

Now. Is this happening because I don't have a correct controller driver? I have downloaded some SoftPaq or how is called, version 6.40. I haven't understood much of the setup program, just pressed install, but it also gave me few errors, and after that I wasn't able to boot windows 2003 anympore (it just keeps rebooting when it reaches to the windows loader).

Now, what I need is that someone please tell me what have I done wrong. is it some bug from Windows, or I need a new driver (or something) from HP? Those Soft packs contain lots of stuff, I am just not very sure if I should install 'em all. Or I should install windows 2003 and then download & install all the drivers for my ProLiant from the HP site?

I have to apologize for being so stupid, but this is a problem for me, and obviously I just can't manage alone. I have searched HP, google, technet for this problem but I haven't found anything.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.