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ProLiant ML 370 G2 DIMM Memory

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ProLiant ML 370 G2 DIMM Memory

I'm having an issue in upgrading the memory installed in this server. To isolate the issue I installed the memory in pairs by itself instead of with other memory modules. I'm thinking it is an issue with the memory itself. The first 2 sticks of 1GB memory each don't even display the boot sequence diagnostics. However, if I place this memory with 2 other sticks of known good working memory I get a STOP: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION 0x0000009C error on blue screen of death.

I also have to other sticks of 1GB memory each and when I install them in slots 1 & 4 windows boots but I get an amber internal health LED on the server.

Here is some additional info:
Do note however, that during BIOS startup that all memory is fully detected. It is not until we get to windows that either Windows does not boot or we get an internal health LED illuminated. Note even when having 2 of the new sticks present Windows was fine however we had an amber internal health LED. To avoid any issues while I'm working out of town tomorrow and thru the 11th I reverted back to our old configuration where all LEDs are green.

Again I have never been able to get the machine to boot with all 4 new sticks in all at once only 2. The Windows Stop message I receive when all 4 sticks are installed: STOP: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION 0x0000009C.

All Memory is 133Mhz, CL3, ECC (PC133R-333-542-B1 or B2). What is the difference between B1 & B2?

Also see log attatched.