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ProLiant ML10 G9 - OS support

Chris Bedford
Regular Advisor

ProLiant ML10 G9 - OS support

On Aug 23 I looked up the 'Support Matrix' for Windows on HPE servers. I was hoping to get a DL machine to replace two aging ML110s and a desktop PC which are taking up space and sucking power. But I discovered there were no DL servers (or none suitable anyway) that run Windows 10.

So I looked some more, and found out the entry-level ML10 did in fact support Windows 10 so I quoted it and soon enough the customer approved and I ordered. There were some delays but the bottom line is I finally was able to start setting up a new ML10 this week.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered I couldn't download Windows 10 drivers. And there are 0 (NO) ML servers on the WIndows 10 support list at all.

I might not me as young as I once was, but I'm not completely demented. I wrote to my account manager at the distributor in August, "So I found a web thing where Windows 10 is supported on the ML10 – pity, I was wanting a DL but they can live with a tower, and the ML10 is cheaper anyway[...]" so I definitely found *something*. Has HPE actually withdrawn support for Win10? If so how in gods' name can they do that? I can't accept the alternative, that I am mad and was hallucinating.

So now what? Treble the customer's investment just to be able to run Server 2016 for file & print sharing for 8 users? Doesn't seem like a good financial decision to me.