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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Performance

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ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Performance

We have some ProLiant ML110 Gen9 using WD Gold data center disks and they run like crap, constanc disk queueing sh#!!y preformance, Did a bunch of testing and contacted HP support and as soon as they saw the drives were 3rd party they said 'HPE drives are specifically designed, and the HP Raid controller is made for them, thus 3rd party drives are known to not work properly'


Re: ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Performance

Chris27 This happen because the 3rs HD, don't have firmware HPE.

Try use equipment in Legacy Bios and Disable B140i controler (enable, ahci) in BIOS monde


From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration → BIOS/Platform Configuration
(RBSU) → Boot Options → Boot Mode and press the Enter key.
2. Select a setting and press the Enter key:
o Legacy BIOS Mode—Configures the system to boot to a traditional operating system in Legacy
BIOS compatibility mode.



From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration → BIOS/Platform Configuration
(RBSU) → System Options → SATA Controller Options → Embedded SATA Configuration →
Enable SATA AHCI Suppor, and then press the Enter key.




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Re: ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Performance

Hello good afternoon. Probably your problem may also come from the integrated controller b140, there are many posts that talk about low writing speeds (and in some cases reading).

I also had problems with the integrated controller, it was a real ruin in the rates of reading and writing, using a four-disk RAID5 WD RED 6 TB.

A few months ago I incorporated a P440 hardware controller, and all the problems went away. I bought it on eBay, from a vendor selling HP Renew controllers.