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ProLiant ML110 - serial cable -> UPS problems

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ProLiant ML110 - serial cable -> UPS problems

I have big problems with this server, but I don`t be sure that the problem is SW or HW. My server OS is Linux Debian 5 Lenny.

Problem is that the UPS (APC Smart 620) is sometimes goes offline (poweroff) but without warnings (LEDs isn`t blinking or something). This is second UPS. For the first time I thook that the problem is in the UPS, so APC change it and they give me new UPS.
Then I thook that the problem is in apcupsd (SW for UPS), but no chance. Today the server (UPS) poweroff again without warning (nothing in the logs), but if I disconnect serial cable from UPS the server running without problems about 14 days.
Interesting is that if the serial cable is connected and UPS poweroff I can`t power on UPS simply by power on/off button (it just beep but nothing happens) I must disconnect serail cable and then I can power on UPS.

Someone tolds me that the problem can be power supply in the server, but server running 14 days without UPS with no probblems.

UPS load is about 10-15%
Server is HP ProLiant ML110 G2 or G3

Can someone help me? Sorry for my English....

Here is the link for discus where I try to solve this problem [CZ]
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Re: ProLiant ML110 - serial cable -> UPS problems

it is ML110 G5 sorry....
HP Insight Tool (Offline Diagnostics) can test serial port (tests were OK)