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ProLiant ML150G3 power supply specs?

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ProLiant ML150G3 power supply specs?

Hi Folks

Moving on from my xw8600 system board for ML150 G3 Q...

Can anyone point me in the direction of the specs for the ProLiant ML150 G3 power supply (P/Ns 402075-001 407730-001)?

The same is given for the xw8600 by the connector pin descriptions given in the service manual, but the same doesn't seem to exist in the ML150 G3 manual.


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Re: ProLiant ML150G3 power supply specs?

Folks, I've worked out my power supply mostly - see below.

It seems pretty much compatable with the xw8600 system board I'm dropping into the ML150G3 chasis, if a littel under powered for the memory, and apart from swapping contacts 12 & 13, similar to the ATX standard.

My only question - the xw8600 has a 6pin molex header for the memory power supply; the ML150 G3 provides a 4pin molex plug.  The xw8600 has 2 12v rails to the 6pin header - V12-D and V12-M according to p161 of the Service Tech Ref Guide and 18A and 18.6A respectively according to the jpg below; the ML150G3 has 1 12v rail to the 4pin header.  Using a continuity tester, all the yellow and white 12v wires from the power supply have continuity and looking at the power supply board I was only able to read '+12VC', though other markings might have been obscured by white gunk.

So, my question - what's the point of distinguishing between the different power rails - CPUs, (15A each), A (12A), B (9A) and C (9A) - if they're all connected and have continuity?  See jpg below.  Actually, aren't they effectively all the same power rail?

And, given the ML150G3 power supply 12v rails are all one, it seems very likely that the same would be true of the xw8600 power supply?  So, am I right that the 'max combined current' of the power supplies is what matters: 50A for the ML150G3 +12v power supply; 64A for the xw8600 +12v power supply?

Thanks all



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Re: ProLiant ML150G3 power supply specs?

A read of this:

Has answered all my questions...

Thanks for listening :-)