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ProLiant ML150G6 RAM Installation

Al Doman
Occasional Contributor

ProLiant ML150G6 RAM Installation

Our server is currently running with a single CPU. It's running 32-bit Windows SBS 2003 (not R2).

We're trying to install additional RAM, but the new RAM is not recognized.

It originally had a single 2GB RAM module installed: . We've purchased another identical module to bring the server up to 4GB total.

There seems to be conflicting information on how to install RAM:

First link:

Second link:

Initially, the server's sole RAM module was installed in slot 2A of the installed processor.

The first link implies a second module should be installed in slot 4B of the installed CPU.

The second link implies it should be installed in slot 2A of the other (uninstalled) CPU. However, I've seen other documentation that says to never install RAM in slots of CPUs that are not installed.

So far we've tried:

1. New RAM module in place of the original - works fine

2. Original in slot 2A of installed CPU, new in slot 4B. Works fine, but 2nd module not recognized - system still reports 2GB total RAM

3. Reverse of #2, same result - only 2GB total RAM reported.

4. We have not yet tried installing the second module in slot 2A of the uninstalled CPU

RBCU memory configuration is set to "Independent", not "Lockstep".

Can anyone advise on how to get the server to recognize the full 4GB RAM?