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ProLiant ML330 G3 and Belkin KVM

Massimo Ranzini
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant ML330 G3 and Belkin KVM

I have 2 ProLiant ML350 and a ProLiant ML330 G3, all connected by a Belkin KVM OmniView Pro2; the OS installed is Windows 2000 Server Sp4.

I cannot use the keyboard with my ML330 Server: the system give me a "beep" everytime I press a key, but I don't have any error during the boot.
If I connect a keyboard directly I don't have any problem; I also try change cable and port without solve my problem.

Do you have any suggestion?

Neil Richardson
Frequent Advisor

Re: ProLiant ML330 G3 and Belkin KVM

Hi Massimo,

I had two different users with the same symptoms.
The problem was that the user had managed to get the k/b and mouse (PS/2) leads connected to different ports from the video connection to the servers.
That is, K1 and M2 were connected with V2 to the Belkin port 1, and K2 and M1 were on port 2 with V1.
Sounds like an obvious thing to check, but it is not so easy when the leads are all cable tied in trunking.
I labelled the three associated (KVM) leads to ensure that they were seen as a set.

I hope it is that easy for you.

Still supporting Bill, bless him.