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ProLiant ML350 (G1) won't boot from CD

Radoslaw SOLTYS
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant ML350 (G1) won't boot from CD


I have a problem reported already in the forum by some people, but left without answer (

My server is aged, but perfectly intact, so I'd like to re-install the OS and make it a backup server, however, I can't make it boot from CD, although the CDROM is perfectly readable when booted from the disk array.

My BIOS settings are like this:
1) Controller boot order:
SCSI-1, IDE, then Smart array (with old OS)
- IDE always has order 2, which I can't change
- There is no drive at SCSI controller 1 and the controller is disabled in PCI device settings
2) Device boot order: CD, C:, A:

1) IDE with the CDROM (original hardware configuration) cannot be set to boot order other than 2

2) Whenever the controller with the highest boot order cannot boot, next order controller gets initialized, but does not boot (Non-system-disk error message appears), even though the same controller with the same device boots perfectly if set to boot order 1.

Thank you very much for your help.