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ProLiant ML350 G5 not opening

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ProLiant ML350 G5 not opening

Hi, to begin with saying ı m new here and hope ı can tell me problem, :)

when ı try to open my server, when ı pressed the power button the processor fan is just sahking a bit and stoping than when ı lokked the front panel  the two leds under the power led are blinking red together. what can my problem be ?

can you please help me ?

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Re: ProLiant ML350 G5 not opening





The picture shows internal and external heath LED's are in red.


If you have both red, start by Troubleshooting the external led (power subsystem) since the internal depends upon it.


  • If, external health led blink red that means you have to check power cable, power supply.
  • internal health led blink red that means, you have to open the server cover and check all of spare i.e processor, RAM, systemboard.  If any led blink red besides of any spare ie.RAM, processor, system board then you have to understand that this is faulty.

To start with please peform the below:


  1. Power off, unplug power cord.
  2. Pull all RAM and reinsert
  3. Revert back all switches to original condition(thecondition which it was before you change them) on your system board.

Power up and see, if it works.


If it doesn't, please look at system front panel and see LEDs, if there is any amber. Identify health LED, the top one on the front LED pannel. check status.


You can view the server LED details from the below link (refer page # 71-78)


I hope you find this information helpful!



Renji V


I am an HP employee.

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