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Re: ProLiant ML350 G5 shutdown irregularly

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ProLiant ML350 G5 shutdown irregularly

ProLiant ML350 G5


This server's redundant power supply was failed and won't plan to replace it. The other power supply is still running.


Recently, this server is shutdown  irregularly without any reason. And the front panel  are listed as below

LED 2: green long bright      
LED 3 (Internal health LED): Red blinking  - check system board LEDs
LED 4  (External health LED): ogrange blinking - One Power supply failed.
LED 5: green long bright 


Refer to manual, then I opened the case and system board LEDs are listed as below.

LED 2: orange long bright (processor 1 failed?)
LED 5: orange long bright (processor 2 failed?  but no processor 2 is installed)
LED 11 or 10: orange long bright ( sytem fan failed? But all are spinning!)


I've problem.

1. Will the faulty redundant power supply cause the shutdown? Should I remove it? coz the server is old and won't need to do redundant.

2. The processor 1 is really failed?  If it's true, then we may give up this server.


Please advise.



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Re: ProLiant ML350 G5 shutdown irregularly

Recently, i've got an ML350G5, where CPU1 LED was burning . After replacing the CPU the server was still dead.


It turns to be out that 2 or 3 capacitors were blown out (on the edge of the motherbrd in the neighbourhoud of DIMM8D).


So, first visible check  the motherboard for bad  (blown) capacitors: It could be a motherbrd problem.

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Re: ProLiant ML350 G5 shutdown irregularly

At least get the faulty power supply out. No use to keep something in that isn't working.


Re: ProLiant ML350 G5 shutdown irregularly

The server was restarted without any reason but didn't shutdown this time.
The front panel LED 3 is still green long bright that indcates normal.


Anyway, I removed the faulty redundant power supply this time. All the LEDs on the front panel displays all green long bright. Will see if it will be okay.


As PZ said, it could be a mother problem if it shutdown unexpectedly again.



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Re: ProLiant ML350 G5 shutdown irregularly

You might want to check the memory as well.

They could also trigger a reboot depending the systemload.

I'd use Memtest86+ and let it run for a while.