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ProLiant ML350 G6 RAID 5 Drive Lights

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ProLiant ML350 G6 RAID 5 Drive Lights

The ProLiant ML350 G6 Window's 2008 R2 server has three 450 GB SAS drives in a RAID 5 array configuration.

The first and third drive a flashing both the green light and the amber lights.  According to the HP Component identication document tells me:  "The drive is active, but a predictive failure aleart has been received for this drive.  Replace the drive as soon as possible." 

I ordered two replacement drives with the same part number and on Saturday, 11/21, I replaced drive 3 (hot swap), and after looking at various error logs I let it to rebuild.  Today, (Monday 11/23), it is again showing the same indication for drives one and three!

When I go into HP Insight Diagnostics and run the Hardware Diagnosis for the Logical Drive it is showing Hard Drive 1: "Failed   Error: F149: The controller has reported a S.M.A.R.T. error on this drive."  Hard Drive 2: "Passed", and Hard Drive 3 shows the same failed information as the first drive.  Oh by the way, I did identify each drive with the "Start Drive Identity LED" so I replaced the right drive.

Is this still giving me the error because drive 1 hasn't been replaced yet?  I would have thought the error on drive 3 would have went away when I replaced it with a new hard drive?  I need your advice on what I should do next?

Thanks!  Stan

Jimmy Vance

Re: ProLiant ML350 G6 RAID 5 Drive Lights

My first suggestion would be to make sure you have a good backup of the data.  When the reuild process finished on the disk you replaced, you should no longer see an error with that disk. Once you have a good backup I'd suggest running array diagnostics

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Re: ProLiant ML350 G6 RAID 5 Drive Lights

I will have to do that on a weekend so I don't interrupt the services that is provided by this server.  Can the array diagnostics fix issues with out losing data or would I be better off to go into the array software and blow the current configuration away and start like a new install?

Thanks for your reply!