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ProLiant ML350 G6 UPS Recommendation

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ProLiant ML350 G6 UPS Recommendation

I work on a ship and we have a new ProLiant server on board. When we swap generators we suffer a short power outage. Our servers in the past have been able to handle with with standard over the counter UPS units. Our ML350 G6 ProLiant will not do it, it shuts down every time. The server has twin 750 watt power supplies that plug into two separate APC 1500 va UPS units but they are not enough or they are switching too slowly. Any recommendations for a unit that will support this server during a short power outage would me much appreciated.
Thanks, Captain Mark Graves
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Re: ProLiant ML350 G6 UPS Recommendation

Hi theres,

I'm not sure whether APC 1500 VA is online UPS. You need online UPS.

Check HP 1500 G3 UPS quickspecs

Also check the Server power supply and actual power requirement by running the server only on one PSU at a time.

Hp Power advisor will helpful in calculating the actual amount of power required based on your server specification and accordingly you may choose between 750 W and 1200 W power supplies.

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Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: ProLiant ML350 G6 UPS Recommendation

As Aftab stated, you need online UPS (and probably rack-mounted). I recommend HP R/T3000 Uninterruptible Power System. HP UPS are the best solution used together with HP Proliant, because they are covered by the Proliant service contract. Another solution can be APC Smart-UPS Online (RT Series).
Wayne Henegar
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Re: ProLiant ML350 G6 UPS Recommendation

Several of us have had issues with UPSs on the ML350 G6. You may find the thread below of interest. Sounds like good recommendation from the previous posts, although larger than I use.

I have solved problems with the EATON 9130 UPS 700VA. It handles short switch overs/fluctuations and gives an hour of backup. Others are recommending the APC SMART-UPS 1500.

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Michael A. McKenney
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Re: ProLiant ML350 G6 UPS Recommendation

I would look at everything in your server room that needs to be on UPS. Size the UPS 1.3 x your current load requirements. You might also what to switch to 240V UPS over 120V, if in the US. Most HP hardware will run 240V and it will cut your current load 1/2.
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Re: ProLiant ML350 G6 UPS Recommendation

i have a server HP PROLIANT ML350 G6 with 1 power supply 460w and when i use this UPS ACCUPOWER 2000VA EYEON LCD server not swith to battaries (it shut down imidiatly) i have test and one ups ACP SMART-UPS 1000 (I CONECT ONLY THE SERVER ON IT) but i had the same result, server shut down when i close the power to ups. what should i need to do? change the ups with one on-line or change the power supply from server (in case that it have problem with the density  ). the smart ups 1000 its not to powerfull to keep server on ? the accupower have modife sine-wave output but the smart ups have pure sine-wave